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What is a Steel Service Centre?

About Steel

Once a steel coil is produced by steel manufacturer like JSW Steel, its length and/or width must be processed in accordance with demands of each individual customer such as automakers or home appliance producers. With the customized process and state-of-the-art facilities, Steel House – Steel Service Centre Division offers high quality sheet cutting service and coil slitting service, and delivers the finished products at the precise time required by the end-user, ensuring “Just-in-Time Delivery”. Simply put, it is a link between the steelmaker and the end-user that is responsible for processing and distribution of coils.

About Steel About Steel About Steel About Steel Steel House is strategically located in Jigani Industrial Area, Bangalore in close proximity to India’s leading Automobile companies like Toyota, TVS and Ashok Leyland and other sheet metal using Industry.


About Steel

Steel House creates value-added services by making the best use of the surplus storage space in its warehouse. Maintained at pristine condition and operated with the latest material handling facilities, the warehouse is also leased to end users who need to store their coil.

Our fully automated steel processing plant involves :
Facility Highlights

  • Two Light Gauge Cut to Length Lines with Precision Leveller
  • Slitting Line
  • Narrow width cut to length line
  • Heavy Gauge Cut to Length Line
  • Blanking Machine (Sheet Strips)


Precison Leveled Cut to length line
(Light Gauge)
0.4mm 3.00mm 600mm 1650mm 6500mm
Precison Leveled Cut to length line
(Light Gauge)
0.15mm 2.50mm 300mm 1550mm 4000mm
Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line 3.00mm 20mm 800mm 2500mm 14000mm
Hi Tech Wide Slitting Line 0.3mm 4.00mm 26mm 1550mm  
Narrow Width Cut to Length Line 0.4mm 4.00mm 60mm 600mm 2500mm
Shearing / Guillotine 0.7mm 3.00mm   3000mm 3000mm
Shearing / Guillotine 0.4mm 6.00mm   2500mm 2500mm