Cold Roll Steel Sheets

Cold rolled close annealed steel coils are made from Hot Rolled Coils. Cold Rolling is a process through which the Hot Rolled steel sheet or strip after Pickling process is introduced between rollers by application of high pressure at temperature below the re-crystallization temperature. This method basically imparts smooth surface finish, accurate thickness, high tensile strength, yield strength hardness with corresponding decrease inductility. Hence selection of proper combination of steel composition, degree of cold working and heat treatment play a pivotal role to produce cold rolled sheets / strips having diverse applications and mechanical properties suitable for a wide spectrum of end users.

Steel House Processes Cold Rolled sheet in a variety of sizes, grades and surface finishes to meet specific end-use requirements. Cold Rolled Sheet is manufactured from hot rolled coils and Pickling to remove the surface oxide produced during the hot rolling stage, and cold reducing through a Cold Mill to the desired thickness.

Cold reducing steel produces an extremely low ductility product. It's usually processed further to develop desired end use characteristics such as formability, surface texture, flatness, etc. These further reprocessing steps include annealing and temper rolling for formability and surface texture, and in some cases, tension levelling for flatness.

Typical uses for Cold Rolled Steel
Metal furniture, desks, filing cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs, motorcycle exhaust pipes, computer cabinet and hardware, all home appliances and components, shelving, lighting fixtures, hinges, tubing, steel drums, lawn mowers, electronic cabinetry, lighting fixtures, water heaters, metal containers, and a variety of construction related products.

Cold Rolled Steels can be used to produce parts containing simple bends to parts with extreme deep drawing requirements depending on the grade and mechanical properties selected. Cold-rolled sheet metal can be readily welded and is suitable for painting applications when the surface has been well cleaned.

JSW Product Standard
JSW can offer cold rolled strip in soft forming qualities and high-strength qualities.

Quality EN 10130 JIS G3141 ASTMA 1008 IS 513
CQ DC01 SPCC CS type A, B & C O
IF DC06 - EDDS+ -
HIF350 220Y SPC340HR - -
QUALITIES EN 10268 JIS G3135 ASTMA 1008 IS 513
HSS H260LA SPFC 340 - -
HSS H300LA SPFC 390 - -
HSS H340LA - Grade 50[340] -
HSS H380LA SPFC 440 Grade 55[380] -
HSS H420LA SPFC 490 Grade 60[410] -
Bake Hardening B180H SPFC 340H Grade 26[180] -
Bake Hardening B220H - Grade 31[210] -

Mechanical Properties

Steel Grades Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
(GL 80mm)
  Min. Max. Min. Max.  
CQ - 280 270 410 30
DQ - 240 270 370 34
DDQ 140 210 270 350 38
EDDQ 140 180 270 330 40
IF 120 160 270 350 44
HIF350 220 - 350 - -
H260LA 260 330 350 430 26
H300LA 300 380 380 480 23
H340LA 340 420 410 510 21
H380LA 380 460 440 560 19
H420LA 420 500 470 590 17
H180B 180 230 300 360 34
H220B 220 270 320 400 32

Productwise Thickness and Width Limits

Product Thickness, mm Width, mm
HRPO (HR Pickled and Oiled) 1.6 – 6.0 1270
HRSPO (HR Pickled, Skin Passed and Oiled) 1.6 – 3.0 1270
CRCA (Cold Rolled and Close Annealed) 0.3 – 3.0 1650