Prepainted Steel

Prepainted Sheet is produced by direct application of a paint (after applying a treatment and, in most instances, a primer) onto steel sheet in a coil-coating line. Coil-line painting can be used to apply a paint coating directly on uncoated steel sheet or on metallic-coated steel sheet. For maximum corrosion resistance, coil-line painting is often done on metallic-coated steels including galvanized, GALVALUME ®, and terne coated sheet.

Prepainted, coated steel sheet offers users a unique combination of advantages: the strength of steel, the corrosion resistance of a metallic coating and the beauty and additional corrosion protection of paint.

Prepainted steel sheet can be very cost-effective for fabricators of painted steel sheet products. Because it requires no in-plant painting either before or after fabrication, prepainted steel sheet eliminates the user's capital burden of paint facilities as well as painting costs associated with the preparation, handling, spraying and baking or drying operations. Also, the costs of meeting stringent disposal requirements for paint chemicals are eliminated. Users of prepainted sheet can realize significant savings in payroll, equipment maintenance, inventory, yield loss and other costs associated with operating in-plant painting lines. Prepainted sheet also offers the benefits of a faster and simpler operation without the worker-protection and environmental/pollution problems that accompany painting operations.