Steel House sources a wide range of steel products for a variety of application from selected suppliers around the world.

Steel House trades in a vast range of products including hot and cold rolled sheets, galvanized sheets & Coils, wire rod, reinforced bar and engineered steel products.

Our customers benefit from our wide product range and highly efficient guaranteed delivery service, enabling them to reduce their stockholdings to just in time levels.

Steel House’s cut-to-length leveling lines convert coil into sheet. Our leveling technology is able to hold tight tolerances for squared cut-to-length material from our leveling line. The corrective levelers provide excellent shape correction allowing us to consistently meet our customers'quality specifications.

Steel House can meet all of your leveling and cut-to-length requirements from 0.15 mm to 20 mm. In addition, Steel House provides unparalleled customer service, including inventory stocking programs and next day delivery on custom-cut products.

The slitting process begins as a master coil passes through circular knives separated by spacers. The knives slit or cut the coil to the customer's desired widths and is recoiled and packaged for shipment. Steel House’s capabilities allow for a wide variety of gauges and widths that can be slit down with precision to meet the demands of its customers.

Blanking can be considered a step beyond the conventional cut-to-length line in terms of both speed and accuracy. The process allows for slit coil to be leveled and cut-to-length in narrow widths and much closer tolerances than can be achieved by shearing. At Steel House our blanking lines are guaranteed to meet your needs for precision. Combined with unprecedented customer service, our custom blanks meet or exceed customer expectations on precision and timely delivery.